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We are at the forefront of cancer care providing the latest, most advanced cancer care. We transform lives of cancer patients with breakthrough innovative medicines  within days of approval.

Successful cancer treatment needs a very good Oncology team. Our dedicated team of highly experienced nurses, pharmacists, expert physicists and radiographers have many years of knowledge between them and use the latest technology to manage your treatment in the best possible way.

Dr Sundar is an excellent scholar with a gentle and humble personality. Dr Sundar is very approachable and excellent at making you feel at ease during your difficult journey. Dr Sundar always welcome questions from you, answering them with honesty and openness. You can find more about Dr Sundar’s at his website www.sundar.co.uk

Appointments: We usually need a letter of referral from your GP. In cases of immediate/urgent clinical need, we might be able to see patients immediately without a referral letter but we would usually prefer to inform the GP about the consultation.


What We Offer

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Consultations - Outpatient and Inpatient

We are able to see NEW patients within the same week of referral and URGENT NEW patient appointments are available at short notice.

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Intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) with image guidance is offered as standard of care.

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Chemotherapy & Hormone therapy

We offer all the latest and most exciting new treatments. We also use all the advanced anti-sickness medications and growth factors.

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Molecular targeted therapy & Immunotherapy

We always keep us abreast of new drugs & clinical trials results. We are able to prescribe innovative new drugs within days of new drug approval.